What We Do and Why It Matters

At Vets International, it is our mission to enhance the health of humans, animals, and the environment through the use of sound veterinary care and expertise.

quote-mandelaTo accomplish this, we partner with like-minded groups around the world who are working to ensure the animals in their communities are receiving the veterinary care they so desperately need. We participate in community meetings, deliver vaccines, and provide training programs in animal health, food production, nutrition, husbandry, and disease control, so the men and women on the ground can improve the conditions within their communities—even when we are not present. This is a sustainable and repeatable solution that will not only improve the individual communities in which we work, but also the world.

This ecohealth approach takes into consideration our interdependence upon each another and the planet. At Vets International, we believe that we all must work together to achieve mutual well-being. In fact, the CDC estimates that about 75% of recently emerging diseases and more than 60% of all human diseases originate in animals. Thus, improving animal health will dramatically improve human health.

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