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Animal Story Spotlight: Meet Linda

To the outside world Linda is just a cat, but to Jorge and Maria she is a source of love and hope. Jorge and Maria lost their son, Miguel, a year ago in a bicycle accident at just 25 years old. He always had loved the cats around their town in Chile. While the pain of their son’s death was unrelenting, they decided to adopt a cat to honor his memory. In a twist of fate, they met Linda who had the same beautiful, orange-reddish hair as their son. They knew it was a sign, as though Miguel were there with them.

Unfortunately, as a mother to her first litter of kittens, Linda was suffering from a bad case of mastitis—an inflammation from breastfeeding that causes much pain. Jorge and Maria couldn’t provide the urgent medical care their new companion needed because, like so many others this year, Jorge had lost his job due to COVID-19. They were out of options, or so they thought, until they learned about our assistance program providing veterinary services to those with financial struggles.

After an assessment by our veterinarians, antibiotics and a careful follow-up, Linda underwent a successful surgery. She is now doing well and fully healed.

Jorge and Maria’s love for Linda is a form of therapy. She provides a new purpose in their lives, someone to care for, who in return shows unconditional love and affection. While a cat can never replace the loss of their son, she keeps his memory warm in their hearts.

It’s easy to understand how desperate this couple was to get Linda the care she needed. To them, as with many of us, their animal is a child. If not for your support allowing us to provide veterinary care to those who can’t always afford it, Linda could still be suffering. We are proud we had the opportunity to nurture her back to health, while ensuring Linda would continue to be part of Jorge and Maria’s lives and personal healing.

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