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Animal Story Spotlight: Meet Suraj

Humanity is defined as the quality of being human, but our partners at the Elephant Transit Home in Sri Lanka prove that being humane is a universal characteristic.

Beyond elephants, as the name suggests, ETH, Department of Wildlife, is a sanctuary for all animals in need of medical care. Suraj (meaning Sun) was the first wild buffalo patient to arrive at our facility. Thanks to our incredible veterinary team, and one baby elephant, Suraj is able to lead a happy, long life.

One morning, the mobile veterinary team at ETH went out to find a sick, wild elephant. However, in a turn of events they discovered Suraj, a one week old, baby buffalo all alone and in extremely fragile condition. The team knew, without hesitation, they had to bring this helpless animal back for immediate care.

Upon arrival, Suraj suffered from profuse diarrhea and dehydration so extreme that our vets could not predict his survival. Still, Suraj received the necessary love, care, and treatments needed. But the little one needed more than human help to fully recover. He needed to socialize and form familial ties in order to feel secure, another part of the healing process.

Without other buffalo it was challenging, at first, to find someone Suraj could feel at home with, someone who would feel familiar. Fortunately, only a short time later, Kiran (meaning Sunshine) arrived, an orphaned elephant around the same size as Suraj. The two bonded almost instantaneously and only grew stronger by the day. They were no longer alone.

While both Suraj and Kiran (sun and sunshine) eventually went their separate ways, integrating with their own species, their story still brightens even the darkest of days. Two orphaned animals, who lost everything, formed a connection so strong that they helped each other survive. Their compassion for one another is a simple reminder, to all of us, that no matter how bleak life can seem there is always a shoulder to lean on.

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