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Healthy Pets - Latin America

Healthy Pets

Making Rabies Vaccinations Accessible to Remote Regions

Location: Todos Santos - Cuchumat├ín, Guatemala

In the high elevation of the northwestern highlands of Guatemala sits a special place: the municipality of Todos Santos-Cuchumatán. It has the distinction of being home to one of the last remaining indigenous communities in Guatemala. The traditional clothing that many will recognize is still worn: Men wear red and white striped pants, and shirts with a thick embroidered collar. Women wear blue striped blouses with beautifully embroidered fronts. All textiles are hand-woven.

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood. Due to the elevation, the most common crops are maize, wheat, potatoes, barley, alfalfa, and beans. Sheep, pigs, and chickens are the primary livestock. As with many other Guatemalan communities, there are also many free-roaming dogs and cats.

The Project

In Todos Santos, we partner with the Global Alliance for Animal and People (GAAP) to provide:

  • Canine rabies vaccination
  • Responsible ownership and disease prevention education
  • Humane spay/neuter campaigns
  • Training and support to Guatemalan veterinarians and animal health care workers to provide continuing care when we are not there