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Healthy Pets - Latin America

Healthy Pets

Through the GAAP/VI community clinic Vets International is supporting, we provide equal access to preventive veterinary care for all sectors of the community, while offering innovative and creative education for dog owners to increase the human-animal bond. The long-term objective is to use this program as a future model throughout Latin America.

Our Goals

Equal Access
All services are offered to the public on a sliding scale basis using the national health care system which categorizes families according to their household income. We want all pet owners to understand that pet health care is just as much a part of a family’s health care needs as the family members themselves.

Increasing the Human-Animal Bond
Our public services include a special focus on engaging children. We offer classes in dog training, responsible pet ownership, grooming your own dog, and how to have fun with your pets!

Capacity Building
The GAAP/VI clinic is also a center for knowledge exchange and learning for students, veterinarians and nurses from North America and Chile. Using the expertise of local and foreign veterinarians, students and professionals from both countries have the opportunity to experience working in a Chilean clinic and learning about the free-roaming dog issue first hand.