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Meet our new Vice President of Programs, elephant expert, Erin Ivory

Erin Ivory is a world-renown behaviorist that specializes in the care, welfare, and conservation of Asian and African elephants. Her unique ability to understand elephants has made her one of the premier elephant specialists globally. She shares her knowledge of elephant behavior and how to modify behavior through positive methods with range country mahouts, veterinarians, and researchers. Over the years she has taught hundreds of elephants and their caregivers how to work together based on a foundation of trust-based relationships, positive reinforcement operant conditioning, and applied behavior analysis to ensure the health and wellbeing of elephants.

She recently graduated with Distinction from the University of Exeter with a degree in Anthrozoology which studies how humans view animals, human-animal interactions and connectivity. Combining the study of humans and how they perceive elephants with her knowledge of modifying elephant and human behavior, Erin is charting new techniques to mitigate Human-Elephant conflict. Her inclusive methods for analyzing the environment in which human and elephant conflict behavior occurs, and then finding strategies to change both human and elephant behavior will revolutionize conflict mitigation globally.

We are pleased to have Erin as our VP of Programs, where she will apply her expertise across all of our programs ensuring high animal welfare standards and optimal relationships between humans and animals.

Erin will be traveling to Kenya this week, be sure to follow her journey on instagram and Facebook.