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Healthy Pets - Latin America

From the Field

Supported through Veterinarians International, the Healthy Pets Latin America Program offers equal access for all levels of socioeconomic groups by using a sliding scale based on the household income of locals. 

With a new call-in radio program, The GAAP is able to educate people and offer telemedicine in remote locations in South America. 

Within The GAAP’s equal access vet services from January to August of 2021:

  • 624 animals were helped
  • 419 families were helped 
  • 948 veterinary care appointments were held 
  • 427 vaccines administered
  • 394 parasite treatments were administered
  • 263 sterilizations were done
  • 95 surgeries were performed
  • 84 dogs were treated using telemedicine
  • 140 people participated in the One Health Workshops