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During this Vulnerable Time, the Animals are Vulnerable Too

From the Field

Dear VI Family,

The need for VI’s work could not have come at a more important time. Disease and need knows no borders, and it is critical we continue to keep animals healthy here at home, and around the world. At this time, we have two programs which are in need of immediate assistance. In Sri Lanka, we support the veterinary needs of the Elephant Transit Home, which is Asia’s first and only elephant orphanage that successfully rehabilitates elephants back to the wild. We have 20 young elephants who are in desperate need of supplemental feed. They have recently been rehabilitated and partially released to Udawalawe National Park where they receive herbivore pellets as they learn to survive in the wild. One of the elephants, Galpaya, was recently injured by a jaw bomb, an explosive designed to kill wild boars as they are considered pests. Galpaya needs regular care to treat his mouth wounds and receive an herbal soup via tube feeding while he learns to eat again.

Healthy Pets Program Director Dr. Elena Garde with veterinarian Dr. Angelica Romero from the GAAP clinic in Chile loading food, medicine and supplies for pets in need.

There are also 52 orphaned elephants that require milk nursing 6 times a day, as well as injured wildlife in need of care and medicine. COVID-19 has prevented tourism income to pay for these costs.

Additionally, our GAAP Clinic in Chile requires funds to send field staff on house calls to deliver food and medicine to pets as owners remain in isolation, particularly the elderly. We aim to be able to maintain the salaries of veterinary clinic staff thus supporting them through this time is critical to our program’s long-term survival.

Our Emergency Aid Campaign goal is $75 000.

We need $25 000 to enable our veterinary staff to keep their jobs and save the GAAP Clinic as part of our Healthy Pets Program.

A $15 000 gift could provide enough food and medicine to pets in need for the next 3 months.

A $10 000 gift could provide enough food for the 20 juvenile elephants for 2 months.

A $5000 gift could restock our emergency medical supplies in Sri Lanka for 2 months.

A $1000 gift would keep a veterinarian employed for a month.

A $600 gift would feed 52 orphaned elephants milk for a day.

To make a donation, or to learn further details and regular updates to our campaign click here.

We greatly appreciate your support during this difficult time.

The Meringoff Family Foundation is generously matching gifts up to $25,000 ensuring your dollars go twice as far.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Entry by:

Dr. Scarlett Magda

Founder & President

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