An evening to remember

On Tuesday, December 5th, one-hundred-sixty luminaries came out to Veterinarians International’s “Little Trunks, Big Hearts” event hosted by actress Christine Evangelista at West NYC in the Flatiron District.

A moving presentation describing the crisis facing baby elephants by Founding President Dr. Scarlett Magda brought guests to tears, but ended with words of hope and commitment. Guests enjoyed cocktails by Snow Leopard Vodka, Curious Elixirs, Soto sake, a live performance by award-winning artist Gabriel Royal, exquisite cuisine by Krisp Events, and beautiful printed images by Japan Printing and Graphics. A limited-edition photograph “Skin-Eye-of-the-Elephant” by National Geographic Explorer Asher Jay was auctioned.

The evening focused on VI’s EEHV (Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus) disease surveillance program for baby elephants at risk of this fatal virus, which can kill within 24 hours. The program supports early disease detection for 70 baby elephants and stockpiles medication for emergency treatment.

“EEHV is the number 1 killer of elephants in the US, and one of the leading causes of baby elephant deaths in Asia. We are so incredibly grateful to all who came to support this desperately needed elephant veterinary care program. We are now at 20% of our $100 000 goal, which we hope to reach by December 31st.” Dr. Scarlett Magda, Veterinarians International

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