27 Jun 2016

The Power of the Human-Animal Bond: Caitlin’s Story

<h3>The Power of the Human-Animal Bond: Caitlin’s Story</h3>

Caitlin Mongillo shared her story at the Guide Dog Foundation’s appreciation ceremony in Sag Harbor, New York last month. Read her incredibly moving story about how her guide dogs have helped to enrich her life, infusing each moment with more confidence, hope and joy. Caitlin is a two-time Guide Dog Foundation graduate and currently lives […]

14 Apr 2016

Humbled by the Joy of Helping Animals in Guatemala

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<h3></p>Humbled by the Joy of Helping Animals in Guatemala</h3>

Hey Y’all, I’m Sagen, but everyone calls me Sage. I’m an Emergency Veterinarian at Emergency and Specialty Animal Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. I started there almost 10 years ago as a receptionist! Kind of crazy to be back wearing a white coat now, but so cool to be with the team who raised me. […]

17 Jun 2015

Earth’s broken heart

Every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed. Every 15 minutes, a baby elephant is orphaned. Every 15 minutes, the web of life is reduced. It’s currently threatening global security, human rights, allowing ruthless people to become rich off of an endangered species. And it’s all for their ivory. We are becoming a ruthless species driven […]