16 Feb 2018

An Elephant’s Many Relationships: Observations from SurinElephant Kingdom

<h3></p> An Elephant’s Many Relationships: Observations from SurinElephant Kingdom</h3>

Before arriving in Surin Elephant Kingdom (SEK), I could not imagine what it would look like. Three-hundred elephants existing amongst humans? Unfathomable. The first drive into SEK left me in awe. These massive, majestic beasts emergedfrom the dusty soil like small mountains as far as the eye could reach. Mahouts flitted around like small worker ants.Dogs, cats and chickens danced around their […]

20 Nov 2017

An elephant hospital in the works…with instructions on how to make bamboo sticky rice!

<h3></p> An elephant hospital in the works…with instructions on how to make bamboo sticky rice!</h3>

Momentum is building since our humble mobile elephant clinic program started this past August.  Just this year, the Surin elephant kingdom had no full time elephant vet,  with a vet coming from the Livestock Elephant experts from across the country with our mobile clinic! Department 70 km away 3 days a week, and now we […]

13 Nov 2017

Paving the way to modern medicine, dart guns, trust and patience

 Shortly after landing in Surin, Thailand, I was greeted by Dr. Gwa, one of our new elephant vets with a warm but sad face at the airport. “Dr. Magda, it’s a pleasure to meet you..but I have bad news for you, we just lost a baby elephant this afternoon,” she said. My heart sank, I […]

1 Nov 2017

Fall Update

<h3></p>Fall Update</h3>

We have some exciting updates for you this Fall! Our Third Annual Trunks of Love Gala was a huge success raising over $150,000 to support our programs in Kenya, Guatemala, Chile and Thailand. As a result, thousands of animals will be provided with medical care and families will be armed with life-saving education on human […]

1 Nov 2017

Elephants are on the move in Surin, Thailand

<h3></p>Elephants are on the move in Surin, Thailand</h3>

We are pleased to inform you that our mobile elephant clinics have been operating smoothly in Surin, Thailand since May. Thanks to you, we have been able to treat nearly 200 elephants to date! We also have some exciting news to share, our trucks were recently filmed on location for Animal Planet’s new series, Vets […]

4 May 2017

Stories from my First Campaign in Todos Santos

<h3></p>Stories from my First Campaign in Todos Santos</h3>

Nicola keeping one of her patients warm in the recovery area. My name is Nicola and this year was my first time on the Todos Santos campaign in Guatemala volunteering as a veterinary technician. I had the privilege to work with many amazing doctors, technicians and owners through Veterinarians International. My most memorable experience while […]

25 Oct 2016

Dogs that Help Livestock, Cheetahs, and Humans

<h3></p>Dogs that Help Livestock, Cheetahs, and Humans</h3>

Annika Hugosson is a contributing blogger for Veterinarians International. She has a passion for wildlife conservation and is engrossed by the nuances of animal behavior and communication. Annika travels to sub-Saharan Africa as often as she can to observe wildlife and support local conservation efforts, and to keep tabs on her three foster elephants in Kenya. Cheetah […]

20 Oct 2016

The Journey to Chile

<h3></p>The Journey to Chile</h3>

Chile, If you told me ten years ago that veterinary medicine would bring me to the most southern tip of South America, I probably would have laughed and said, “Well that’s a dream come true!” It is always attention-grabbing when you hear people say, “Dreams can come true if you work hard enough.”  We hear […]

2 Sep 2016

A Shared Passion For Animals

<h3>A Shared Passion For Animals</h3>

Veterinarians International received requests for assistance from 2 groups of Kenyan farmers working with livestock like goats, camels and donkeys.  All of the farmers also had dogs for companionship and protection. Dr. Beth Miller visited the groups to assess the extent of their need, and their ability to implement the project. Dr. Miller was delighted […]

7 Jun 2016



It all started in high school. Attempting to prepare me for the future my college advisor asked, “What do you want to do with your life?” Unsure at the time, she then asked, “Well, what is your passion?” I remember going home that night and assessing the situation. I wanted to do something that would […]