25 Jan 2017

Zoonotic Diseases and Their Far-Reaching Effects

<h3></p>Zoonotic Diseases and Their Far-Reaching Effects</h3>

Zoonotic diseases and their far-reaching effects, and why healthy animals make for healthy humans It was on the tip of everyone’s tongue last year, prompting panicked vacationers to cancel flights and unprecedented CDC travel bans: Zika. Equally notorious but an ocean away from Miami mosquitoes, West Africa battled the most deadly Ebola outbreak in history. […]

15 Dec 2016

On The Importance of Elephants

<h3></p>On The Importance of Elephants</h3>

On The Importance of Elephants  Trio at Chudop Waterhole, Etosha NP The great elephant is known to be valiantly strong, empathetic, and intelligent, possessing a retentive memory and complex emotional life. Despite lions being considered the kings and queens of the savannah, one could argue that elephants should wear the crown. If you witness a […]

10 Nov 2016

The Human-Animal Bond

<h3></p>The Human-Animal Bond</h3>

The Human Animal Bond & the Importance of Our Pets to Our Mental Health For those who share our homes with animals, we know that our pets are capable of amazing things. You don’t have to look far for incredible heroics—from the cat, Strider, who warded off a pair of burglars, to the 2016 American Humane organization’s […]

25 Oct 2016

Dogs that Help Livestock, Cheetahs, and Humans

<h3></p>Dogs that Help Livestock, Cheetahs, and Humans</h3>

Annika Hugosson is a contributing blogger for Veterinarians International. She has a passion for wildlife conservation and is engrossed by the nuances of animal behavior and communication. Annika travels to sub-Saharan Africa as often as she can to observe wildlife and support local conservation efforts, and to keep tabs on her three foster elephants in Kenya. Cheetah […]

20 Oct 2016

The Journey to Chile

<h3></p>The Journey to Chile</h3>

Chile, If you told me ten years ago that veterinary medicine would bring me to the most southern tip of South America, I probably would have laughed and said, “Well that’s a dream come true!” It is always attention-grabbing when you hear people say, “Dreams can come true if you work hard enough.”  We hear […]

2 Sep 2016

A Shared Passion For Animals

<h3>A Shared Passion For Animals</h3>

Veterinarians International received requests for assistance from 2 groups of Kenyan farmers working with livestock like goats, camels and donkeys.  All of the farmers also had dogs for companionship and protection. Dr. Beth Miller visited the groups to assess the extent of their need, and their ability to implement the project. Dr. Miller was delighted […]

15 Jul 2016

Packing for Kenya

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<h3>Packing for Kenya</h3>

I am at the airport getting ready to fly to London and then Kenya. The trip has started out with some great luck! Project V.E.T.S. has donated several boxes of veterinary supplies to Vets International, including syringes and needles, for our upcoming Rabies Clinic at the IL Ngwesi Ranch in Kenya. I will be organizing […]

13 Jul 2016

Dr. Beth Miller prepares for her upcoming trip to Kenya

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<h3>Dr. Beth Miller prepares for her upcoming trip to Kenya</h3>

As I prepare to leave the country, I want to introduce you and all of VI supporters to Ramsom Karmushu, the leader of the new Maasai Youth Group on IL Ngwesi Group Ranch in Northern Kenya. I met Ramsom last March at the Pastoralist meeting, and he helped guide our group on the tour of […]

27 Jun 2016

The Power of the Human-Animal Bond: Caitlin’s Story

<h3>The Power of the Human-Animal Bond: Caitlin’s Story</h3>

Caitlin Mongillo shared her story at the Guide Dog Foundation’s appreciation ceremony in Sag Harbor, New York last month. Read her incredibly moving story about how her guide dogs have helped to enrich her life, infusing each moment with more confidence, hope and joy. Caitlin is a two-time Guide Dog Foundation graduate and currently lives […]

7 Jun 2016



It all started in high school. Attempting to prepare me for the future my college advisor asked, “What do you want to do with your life?” Unsure at the time, she then asked, “Well, what is your passion?” I remember going home that night and assessing the situation. I wanted to do something that would […]