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Our generous supporters who helped get Vets International started

  • Gerald Barad
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We are grateful to receive in-kind support from Anantara which generously accommodates our team members when working in the field

2016 Trunks of Love Event

Trunks of Love: A Night of Elephants and Champagne was hosted by Emmy-nominated actor Dwayne Hill. A Lifetime Achievement Award, designed by esteemed artist Alexis Rockman, was presented to Asian elephant expert Richard Lair who flew in from Thailand, as well as a VI Presidential Award to Christie Brinkley. Christie’s compelling speech outlined her experience with African elephants and demonstrated how important it is to care for animals globally. The evening was a great success, raising 40% of our target goal for funding our Asian Elephant Veterinary Care Program.

“Trunks of Love, benefiting Asian elephants and spotlighting the work of Veterinarians International, honored Christie Brinkley and Richard Lair on Aug. 12 at the Baker House.” 

-New York Times 


We'd like to thank our generous sponsors, for without whom the night would not have been possible.

We’d like to thank our generous sponsors, for without whom the night would not have been possible.




Thank you to our sponsors who helped launch Veterinarians International


Andrew Sabin Family Foundation  | Gloss Studio  |  Mutual of America  |  Tutto il Giorno

LEAD SPONSOR ($10,000)

The Bodhi Tree Foundation  |  Downtown Magazine  |  Triumph Hotels


IVG Hospitals

Supporter ($2,500)

Dr. Manfred P. Stapff

FRIEND ($1,000)

Altaneve  |  Dr. Barry & Charlotte Eisenkraft Maude Davis & Robert Dankner  |  Dr. Kali Dragonslayer  |  Zach Erdem
Cornelia Guest  |  Bonnie Harland  | 
Aaron Menche  |  Prime Manhattan Residential  |  Kuddly

The ‘Trunks of Love’ launch event for the nonprofit organization, Veterinarians International, on Sept. 21 at Tutto Il Giorno restaurant proved to be an overwhelming success with more than 200 guests in attendance.”

– Downtown Magazine NYC