The Role of Veterinarians in Global Health

The veterinary profession is broad, and encompasses human and animal health, practicing comparative medicine across all species. As a result of this comprehensive vision, innovative members of our profession play an important role in developing solutions to the growing global threats.

quote-dalaiMore than 84,000 veterinarians are currently registered in the American Veterinary Medical Association, and we have 29 veterinary schools across the U.S., all providing rigorous programs, standardized training, and curricula that include diverse topics such as global health, public health, international medicine, and wildlife conservation. Today’s veterinarians are trained to see veterinary medicine as more than treating individual animals; we see the world and members of other disciplines as part of a one-health concept.

Love, appreciation, and respect for animals is deeply rooted in American society. So we are well positioned to play a strong leadership role in uniting organizations and entities in their struggles to resolve human-animal-environmental conflict and to bring lasting and creative solutions to marginalized communities that depend on their domestic animals

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